Creating an additional FTP account

Each cPanel account has an FTP account by default.
However, it is possible to create additional accounts, each with its username and password. Hence, you can give users access to specific directories on your hosting account.

To proceed :

  • Login to cPanel
  • Under Files, click on FTP Accounts.

  • Complete the fields with the appropriate information for your new FTP account.

login : enter a username
password : choose a password which will give you access to your FTP account. *
directory : here you can indicate the directory to which the user will be given access. It will also be the root directory of the FTP account. The user will only have access to all the sub directories and folders in this directory.

  • Click on Create FTP Account to create your account.

The new account now appears under FTP Accounts

Note * :
1. The level of security of your password is indicated and ranges from 0 to 100.
2. You can use the Password generator to get a random and more secured password.

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