How to create a MYSQL database

With your cPanel account, you can have access to one or more Mysql databases. These databases can be created on cPanel and managed via the phpMyadmin interface.

Login to your cPanel

Under section Databases, click on MYSQL Databases.

Name your new database, (for example : testbase) then click on Create database

Go back for the next step

At the bottom of the page, you can add the new user for this database. Complete the given fields.

To generate a password, click on the Password Generator, then tick the box i have copied this password to a safe place

Click on Create user.

Go back to proceed with the last step.

Under the Add user to database section, choose the user and the database to which you want to give him access. Then click on Add

Tick the appropriate boxes to give privileges to this particular user.
Click on Make Changes to save.
Go back to the home page.

The user can now use various functions of the interface to create, modify tables and their contents.

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